5 Reasons why my health haul did not work.

Ahh, Shredtember… a term my lovely housemate came up with to motivate not only herself, but her friends to get SHREDDED and primed for summer. The concept was fantastic but someway, somehow I took my own course of action and joined the Gaintember team lurking far far away from my summer bod. What the hell went wrong!?

I have had time to reflect on this (I know, technically Shredtember is not over yet but my all of nothing attitude quit this venture early on) and have come up with the 5 reasons why my health haul did not work.

  1. I entered ‘Shredtember’ completely stressed and overwhelmed.
    In the 2 months prior to ‘Shredtember’ I had gone through some major well-known life stressors, I moved and started a new job.
  2. My heart was never in it…My heart (*cough* head) kept screaming at me to stay in bed, on the couch, or on someone else’s couch to watch Broad City, Yasss Girl!
  3. I was not in the daily habit of cooking, I was enjoying cereal and toast for dinner before ‘Shredtember’.
  4. I had changed my anti-depressant’s. Clearly I was already feeling quite down in the dumps and it would have taken a miracle to even get me to walk to my local cafe (it’s a 5 minute walk..) let alone exercise and break a sweat.
  5. And lastly, I had well and truly began isolating myself from my professional support and choosing to hide instead because this would somehow protect myself.

So why tell you the 5 reasons why my ‘Shredtember’ attempt fail? Because it is OK that it did! Trying is what is important here. The whole concept may have never worked and led to unhelpful behaviours, but I tried.

When I am able to think about helpful strategies to implement my favourite is below. I hope it help’s you as much as it help’s me!

Smiling Mind

Please comment below the strategies you use when your feeling down.


Exploring My Unique Life

Welcome to my blog!

Exploring my unique life has been created, to assist in my own reflection of … you guessed it my life! I hope you enjoy reading my weekly posts; which will range from discussing my journey through a diagnosis of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), working in the health profession, and everyday chit-chat from dating, to what I ate for breakfast. 

A bit about myself!!
I am a 26 year old Australian female. I enjoy food (Way too much! I have the tendencies to over indulge in anything sweet), playing sport, going out for the occasional drink, and watching classic T.V shows like The Bachelor and Broad City. I am a YouTube lover and have enjoyed watching family vlogs for many years. In my spare time I usually sleep, eat, then sleep again, depending on my mood 😉

Join me on my journey, I am sure their will be laughter, tears and outright confusion from all! Comment below about yourself and start reflecting on your life as well!